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About Us

At Bullet Gym our mission is to provide you with the equipment and training you need to achieve a healthy and fit body.
We offer custom training plans to help you get the results you want.

Professional Fitness Services

At Bullet Gym we offer fitness training to a wide variety of individuals from beginners to weekend warriors to competitive athletes. Our programs are safe, effective and unique to each client, resulting in healthier, stronger bodies and improved athletic performance, guaranteed.

  • Detailed Exercise Perscription and Instruction
  • Body Fat Measurement
  • Nutritional Guidance

Single Session


$50 per Session


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1 Session/Week

$200 per Month

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2 Sessions/Week

$400 per Month

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3 Sessions/Week

$600 per Month

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Competitive Lifting

Bullet Gym is pleased to offer training assistance for Olympic lifting and powerlifting. A number of competitive lifters call Bullet Gym home and we are more than happy to share our experience and advice with those wishing to enter the sports of competitive lifting as well as novice lifters who want to learn the lifts to improve other sports and athleticism. Simply contact us to schedule some time and we'll take it from there.

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Mike Casey

Owner/Lead Trainer

For more information about Bullet Gym, you may contact us by phone at (406) 531-1058 or by email.